пятніца, 14 снежня 2007 г.


by Froz Scrote'um & Dr. Chuckles Sackit

Dexstah was a fine young man
He lived at home with his nan.
For the thing that Dexstah like's the best
Is the bum fluff on his chest.

And ever after he plucked is so
And surfed his belly in the snow.
For snow was Dexstah's favourite weather
He liked it more than bondage leather.

He loved the cold upon his chest
He liked to keep some in his vest.
So this is now Dexstah's tale
Because he's gone abroad on winged sail

But the plane crashed in Peru
And Dek was found with pants of poo
And so the legend of Dexstah now stands
Never wipe ones arse with both hands.

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