пятніца, 14 снежня 2007 г.

Xxxxxx eve

by Dr. J. Monki. Translated by Froz Scrote'um.

I Dr. J. Monki was spending a quiet night in, last xxxxxx eve, awatching my xxxx xxxxxxx a computer xxxx only known as "Xxxx Xxxxxx", while partaking of the old jazz xxxxxxx. In the aforementioned game, the xxxxxx climbed a rope, not just one but many a rope, and I noticed to my horror the rope went between xxx xxxx but did not come out the other side..... After much thought (2.1 msecs) I paused at the idea that this young xxxx's xxxxx was indeed gobbling up the rope thus aiding in the ascent, Yes xxx had a XXXXX XXXXX! What a brilliant idea! it would be fun for all the family! Xxx and Xxx could use xxx as a xxxxxxx xxx while xxx was a good role model for little Xxxxxxx and hours of bath time joy for young Xxxxx. To these ends I will be marketing a new xxxxXxx-Aracnoid XxxxxXxxxx Xxxx" and hope to have xxx on the shelves (and over the table up, the stairs, infact everywhere) along with xxx very on affiliated xxxxxxx show next xmas. "

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