пятніца, 14 снежня 2007 г.

Fraggle Rock

A dialogue between Prof. Froz Scrote'um and Nurse Knumbahumba.

S: Today we shall be discuss-ing the phenomenom menace. A film largely blamed for the emergence of Fraggle Rock.

K: nice.

S: Thank you, Nurse. Fraggle Rock is an evil, hard-hitting and potentially hairy musical form. It must be eradicated before the time of fangs and children in armour and then we shall take over and describe the results of never understanding that wrestling was really pool.

K: May I just ask you a question about flies food?

S: No. Yes. I mean no. Oh go on then, you know how I adore that great old species we call the fly.

K: Do flies fart on their food?

S: Of course they do every one knows that. Even I fart on my food!

K: Great......... Newts! Newts are nicer than grapefruits top-bits! How about a wrestle?

S: I'm absolutely out of this world! Bogsy being Fraggle Rock with his millions.... and millions of..... fangs? Ha! haaaaa! My God!! I never knew I was a Werefraggle!

K: Can I be Jet the Shit-Man Fart?

S: Right! And there off and it's a strange smelling foot lock from the shit-man! Oh.. Easily side stepped by the Rock, and it's under the ropes and down the ramp for me my dear! Your a crowdy one now aren't you?

K: No. I'm purple jon the pipers sorting box.

S: Errrrrrrr...... III' MM MMM SS SO OORRR YY Y YY !!! ! ! TTH IS RRO C C KK DRILL ISSS S S S GETTt Tt Ingg A AAaa BBIT TTt tt RooWWDD D D dy!!! !! !

K: nice.

S: Thank God that's Dover, I thought we'd be out here forever.

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