пятніца, 14 снежня 2007 г.

Willie the Bear

by Rev. Hatmagic

Willie the bear had been walking approximately six months, when all of a sudden his gee gee trousers fell down. He had to remember that he was merely a publicity stunt for the children of Disney World, and that all the happiness and glory he brought forth was all for the corporation. A man in a blue suit who had a faint odour of diarrhoea had told him so.

The diary willie had been writing had been in a 3D collage form, hitherto unknown by 6th western film players in the area. They themselves preferred to project pictures of psychological experiments on poor unwary students, including the isolation tank. The bar codes branded onto their foreheads was the first step, who knows what came later......

He awaoke from this tragicomedy with his trousers still round his ankles, and little children were peering at him. How the hell had these little blisters got behind the hut of hell? Where were their parents? Or was this merely a cult of children in the Disney Underworld? He had heard rumours of such things, and proceeded to bellow ferociously at the kids.

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