пятніца, 14 снежня 2007 г.

A Tale of Horror and Suspense

by Prof. Froz Scrote'um & Dr. Chuckles Sackit

One fine day (Name Censored for Legal Reasons) was walking into a nasty great big storm. Little did he know that an evil race of half snail, half taxman killers were hot on his heels. (Name Censored for Legal Reasons) sensed they were there but didn't think to look down and remove them. Slowly the snail/taxmen began to devour a finely cooked meal of steak eggs and lard before taking a quick nap to sleep off the fine banquet they had just consumed. Knowing this and with hawk-like dexterity, (Name Censored for Legal Reasons) slapped his buttocks together with such ferocity that the snail/taxmen were shaken from their small mansion, out the back door, passed the shed, travelling east for several miles, turning left at Bengal only to land in a giant pile of hoss's shit, freshly laid by the farmer. So, ridding his journey of deadly killers (Name Censored for Legal Reasons) set off some fireworks to celebrate. In the night he slept with his teddy in a tent made of sticks and bracken.

He awoke the next morn to find... nothing. Everything had been tea-leafed, the sky, the trees, his tent, everything. Well now that (Name Censored for Legal Reasons) had nothing left he decided that it was probably time to brush his teeth. "GGGRRRRRRR" said his stomach, which was strange, as it had been stolen. "Today I shall limp" said (Name Censored for Legal Reasons). So off he went limping off like someone with a limp, until he got tired and decided to walk normal again. So he got his chain and took normal for a walk. The walk past. (Name Censored for Legal Reasons) tripped him up and a fight broke out.

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